I am first and foremost a mom-a stay at home mom to be quite honest; and depending on the day, I would call that last statement a blessing or a curse!  It is by FAR the hardest and most frustrating job I've ever had, and yet, the most important and rewarding.  This blog is for me to document our life, mostly the good parts, and to remind myself that these littles are truly the greatest treasures I have on this earth; but I HATE that feeling of reading a blog or updates on Facebook and thinking to myself, "Seriously, their life is so perfect!"  Without being negative and with a lot of laughs, I hope to reassure anyone who might think otherwise that our life is far from perfect, and yet I have so much to be grateful for.  In addition to mommying, I teach a small preschool out of my home. 

We have three busy boys and one little lady who the boys think is a princess.  This picture is the epitome of our real life and the craziness that accompanies it. 

 DSC_0229.JPG (1)
And, I'm pretty lucky to be married to this wonderful man and share this incredible journey together. 

Hall19.jpg (1)

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