Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last Day of Summer

My kiddos start school tomorrow.  They are ready.  I am ready.  Chad is anxious to get going in 2nd grade and to see all of his friends again.  I'm super excited to be starting preschool again.  But there is still a little tinge of sadness as summer comes to a close.  Chad will be starting soccer this week as well (our first time signing up any of our children for any type of organized sport).  I'm already overwhelmed by the practice schedule.  I imagine we'll just have to give up dinners together as a family on those nights for a while.  I guess we'll see how this all goes.  
There are so many fun memories we made together as a family this summer, and I totally intended to record them, but this blog has taken a serious back seat, so for my own sake, here is my summer recap as we head in to school tomorrow morning.  

4th of July Celebration and Telena's Birthday
We had major fires in Idaho this year, and even lost 66 homes to fire in our own town, so there was a ban on fireworks for most of the 4th Celebration.  However, the boys enjoyed doing their fair share of poppers.  

 Of course we had to attend the parade.  
 As for my birthday, Greyson did a great job helping to unwrap most of my presents.  And Dave made me an ice cream cake (see below).  It's scary to look back even just a few years at past birthday pictures-I'm getting OLD!  

Salt Lake City trip, Airforce museum 
When I was down in Utah for my roommie reunion, I also met up with our old neighbors.  Boy, I sure miss them!  While I was there, we took our kids to the air force museum. 

I can never go wrong with airplanes and my kids.  We had a lot of fun together and catching up.  

Yellowstone Park w/ Grandma and Grandpa Jones
 It's not very often that my own little family and I get to take a trip with just my parents and us.  This summer, we planned a trip together to a campground and hot springs nearby, followed by Yellowstone Park.  My boys sure love their grandparents, and it was a special time that they got to have them all to themselves.  We had a lot of fun swimming, followed by exploring in Yellowstone.  

 I had to take the boys down to the Madison river, where I played my life away as a child.  There are several hot springs bubbling up throughout this river and as kids, we would play in them for hours.  I love to show my kids some of the things I enjoyed as a child.  
 We saw Old Faithful . . . 
 and took a few hikes.
 It was very enjoyable and we made some special memories together.  

Girls Camp
Well, I really missed the boat on taking pictures while up at camp, but I had such an incredible experience with our 19 girls up in Island Park.  These girls were the most helpful and positive I think I've ever known at a girls camp.  No complaining, no arguments.  Just lots of bonding, fun and friendships formed.  I love girls camp and I'm so glad that I get to work with these wonderful girls each week.  

We did have one more incredible trip to Bear Lake, which I will have to post separately.  It has been a great summer!  And now, we open our arms to fall as we start back to school.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Roomie Reunion

Fifteen years ago this Fall, I headed off to what was then Ricks College for my first semester of college.  I didn't know anyone, and I was placed into an apartment by the apartment managers with 5 other girls.  Little did I know at the time the impact these women would have in my life.  We were kindred spirits, meant to be together as roomies.  We were known as the 211 girls, as that was our apt. number.  We had a LOT of fun back then!  Looking back at pictures, we were oh-so silly!  Over the years, each of us have gotten married, moved away and started families of our own.  We've tried our best to stay in touch, but this last month was the first time that all six of us have been together since we were roomies 15 years ago.

This was us then . . .

As our lives have taken us all over the country for school, missions, you name it, it just happened that we have all begun to move nearer to each other and this presented the perfect opportunity to meet up once again.  We all met at the zoo in Salt Lake City. 

 Here we are, 15 years later. 
 And here is what we have grown to, minus our hubbies.  Six of us have grown to 32 total (original 6, 20 children, 6 hubbies).  How fun it was to meet up again after all these years. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chad's 7th

Clear back last month, Chad celebrated a birthday.  I don't know who was behind the camera because there were nearly no pictures taken to capture the moment, but I still need to document it, nonetheless.

Chad turned 7 this year.  I feel like I'm entering a different stage of parenting now, and 7 really doesn't sound so little anymore.  The truth is, it isn't all that little-Chad is one of my best helpers.  He is capable of doing so much and I really love that he can help with and entertain his brothers (not that he is always willing to do it when I need him to). Chad's current love is Hot Wheels cars, which he received a handful of as gifts.  His cousin also gave him a pair of Rollerblades, which I think he practically lived in for the first two weeks. 
 For Chad's cake, he wanted a "Bounce on 2" cake (a game he plays on the ipad).  Thankfully, Dave did the decorating with Chad's help, and I think it is the most simple and fast cake decorating we've ever had for a birthday!  He was pleased a punch with how it turned out! 
So, Happy Birthday, to my oldest.  Seven years ago, I became a mom for the first time, and even with all of the ups and downs and struggles, I wouldn't change a thing.  Love you, Chad. 
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