Friday, June 22, 2012

We got off to a pretty slow start with our summer plan this year.  I had high hopes for a less structured weekly plan than last year, but I found that without the structure, we never got around to actually doing our plan.  So, after nearly three weeks of summer gone, the boys and I sat down and revamped our plan.  Last year, we gave each day of the week a name, representing a theme that we would focus on for that day: My Craft Monday, Tastee Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Thinking Thursday and Field Trip Friday.  Chad had asked if he could help create the names of our days for this summer, and together, this is what we came up with: Make-It Monday (make a craft or treat together), Take-A-Trip Tuesday (go on a field trip somewhere), Wet Wednesday (sprinklers, Slip-n-Slide, water park or something WET!), Thinking Thursday (read-a-thons, visit the library, science experimenting), Friend Friday (have a friend over to play).  

Monday, Tyler had a birthday party during our craft time, but Chad and I created a rain stick.  We used a wrapping paper tube and accordion folded strips of cardstock and placed them inside the tube (to slow the drop of the "rain").  We covered one end with construction paper and decorated the outside.  Then, we filled it with dry, split peas and rice, and covered the other end with paper.  When you turn it, the rice and peas drop to the other end, being slowed by the papers inside, and it sounds like it is raining.  These were really fun, and simple.  

Our trip this Tuesday wasn't much, just a trip to a different park for lunch than we normally go to (mostly because mom needed to run errands south of town so that made a good excuse).  We'll have to try a little harder next week. 
Of course there was water on Wet Wednesday, but we also had to try out these bubble snakes I've been seeing all over Pinterest.  I figured it fit best on a day when we would already be outside and getting wet. 
They had fun with them, but a word of caution for the younger ones-Tyler kept forgetting to take his mouth off the bottle before taking a breath, so he kept getting large gulps of bubbles down his throat.  Not fun.  He finally gave up and decided that mom should blow the bubbles and he'd just watch.  But overall, still a fun activity.  (Just go to Pinterest and search "bubble snake" and you'll find the "how to" on these.) 
So, last summer, Thinking Thursday was the least favorite day for my boys, but since we added in some science experimenting, the boys jumped on it.  I intend to throw together a few read-a-thons throughout the summer, but this week, we made Ooblek (about a 2:1 ratio of cornstarch and water).  Seriously, this stuff was so fun for my boys!  They played for a good hour.  If you haven't played with this before, it acts as a solid when you try to move it or mold it, but at rest, it is a liquid.  Every house the boys build built would instantly melt.  And, it is a super easy clean up.  

And since it's Friday, I guess were in for a day of friends (probably my least favorite day).  Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Moments

Summer is well under way around here.  In fact, we're nearly a month into it.  That scares me a little, because I want so badly to relish every moment and linger here a little longer. 
Chad and Tyler worked together this summer to earn a "big ticket item" from our Summer Store.  Last year, I think Tyler spent each ticket as he earned it.  It has been fun to watch them work together to achieve a common goal.  They earned 100 tickets to earn this Wii game.  Then, we found out, it is only a one player game.  Ah, well, they have done pretty well taking turns. 

As my children think that going to the park each day  is dire to their survival, Greyson has been indulging in his favorite activity-swinging.  I think this boy could spend his entire day going "higher" and "higher".  It is a battle every time I have to get him out, but he sure is happy when he's swinging. 
Chad was blessed by the generosity of his cousin and he was given a new bike.  His has been getting too small for his current bike, but the 20" bikes were too big.  When my nephew earned a new bike at school for perfect attendance, Chad got this awesome bike passed down to him.  He is so excited and we feel so blessed to have family so giving. 


Monday, June 18, 2012


 We went on our first camping trip of the summer.  There is a great little campground near our home that I grew up going to.  It takes only about 45 minutes to get there and it has become one of our "go to" places for a quick weekend trip.

Greyson looking at a bug

 Greyson and I took a walk, just the two of us, to a scenic look out. He found EVERY bug , dandelion, you name it.  It was so fun to feel his excitement for nature. 

 When Greyson and I got back to camp, Tyler wanted to go on the hike, so I returned to the lookout with the two of them. 
 Chad and Tyler spent nearly their entire time at the fire pit.  They wanted a fire from sun up to sun down. 
As a little girl, my dad would always make us "stick trails" when we were camping.  He'd take sticks, rocks, pine cones, or whatever else was lying around and use them to create a trail of arrows to lead us on a nature walk.  Sometimes, there would even be a surprise at the end.  

 I made one for the boys to follow. 
Then, Chad made a few of his own for the rest of us to follow.  It sure kept him busy for a bit.  It is fun to share with my children some of the activities that were part of my childhood.  
 And, of course, we did a bit of relaxing too.  Happy summer! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby's first 5K

Saturday, I completed my first 5K with this pregenancy.  I felt a little lame only committing to a 5 but I have just been taking running a day at a time with this pregenancy, so 5 is all I did.  This was a great course; about 50% uphill which still made it feel like a challenge. 
Not the greatest picture, but my kiddos and Dave came to cheer me on as I crossed the finish line. 
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