Friday, March 16, 2012

Lunch Dates

Dave and I have made an effort to take each of our kids out for a "date" each month.  They're nothing formal.  Tyler went on a date with me to the dentist office, and Chad has gone with Dave to get a few things at Home Depot.  Mostly, they are not planned; the opportunity just presents itself and we take it.  It is the time together that we're aiming for, not what were doing.

But this month, I decided that I needed to set up a mommy lunch date with each of my boys.  There is a little bakery near Chad's school that I thought would be perfect to kidnap him from school and drag him there for lunch.  When I mentioned the idea to him, he suggested that instead, I come and eat lunch with him at his school.  He also let me know that because it was a "date", I needed to find a babysitter for the other two boys.  I consented.  I found out after the fact that my lunch had cost me $4.00!!!  For school lunch-seriously?!  WOW!  I won't do that again!  But it was so fun to be with him in that setting.  I met each of his friends and got to see how he interacts with them.  I saw how he eats (or should I say, doesn't eat-sometimes his lunches come home untouched).  The best part was that when he was finished with his lunch, he left to go play outside . . . without me.  I was still in at the table finishing my food.  I had to go out to the playground and find him to tell him I was leaving.  :)  I wish I had remembered my camera, but it was a fun time.   

Of course, Tyler wanted to have his own "lunch date" too.  He wanted to go to "Old McDonald's".  We actually went for a breakfast date because when I got everyone in the car to go and run my errands this morning, he informed me that he never ate breakfast (I had gone running during breakfast and I never asked Dave who had eaten) I and I had been in too much a hurry to eat either.  So, rather than stick to our lunch plan, we moved it up a few hours.  Tyler wanted Greyson to be on his date too, so we headed to "Old McDonald's" and had a great time. 

Sometimes, I think something little like this helps our kiddos feel connected to us and loved in a different way.  I'm looking forward to many more "dates" with my kiddos over the years. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Letting Go-Starting Anew

For nearly the last three years, I have been assigned in my church to help oversee the Primary, the organization that teaches the children, ages 18 months -11 years old.  It has been quite a journey, and I can honestly say that I've learned so much.  Our secretary and 1st counselor have changed 3 times each during our time, but the president and I have stayed the same.  I remember being somewhat apprehensive to work with her in the beginning, and yet I can say that she has taught me so much.  She's been such a great example of compassion, of sincere missionary work, of sacrifice. 

It's funny how we can sense that changes are coming.  Truthfully, I've been ready to be done with primary for a while.  I could just feel it.  I had lost that enthusiasm that accompanies something your heart is truly in.  It's not that I didn't love those little ones, I just felt it was time for a change.  And yet, when I was released last Sunday, I was so emotional letting it all go.  I feel myself being drawn back to the primary room, like it is home to me.  I don't know where else to go.  I know those kids by name.  They have shaped me. 

And now it is time to turn the ropes over to another group of wonderful, capable women.  The primary program, that has brought me more stress than I could have ever imagined, is no longer my responsibility.  And although I'm not exactly sad about that, there is a sadness in letting go of something that you have poured so much of yourself into. 

The cub scouting, where we have had simply amazing leaders transform our program into what it is today, is now someone else's responsibility.  I have found myself thinking occasionally of some responsibility or another that I need to take care of for primary, only to realize that those responsibilities are no longer mine.  I've got to re-train my brain. 

I was called to serve in another presidency, this time in Young Women's, where I will get to work with the girls, ages 12-18 years old.  I am excited.  I am scared.  I feel like a fish out of water.  The girls don't know me yet, and I have not yet gained their trust.  But in time, I know I'll begin to feel a part of this organization, just like I did in Primary.  I know these girls will become a part of me, and they will shape me as well.  I already have hopes and dreams for them, and I hope with all my heart that I'll be able to convey to them what living God's plan can do for their lives. 

And so, as I let go of one responsibility, I take on another, knowing that when I close this door, again I'll have been taught so much from those I serve and those I serve with. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring for Day

We've been going a little crazy around here with the cold weather.  This seems to be the time each year when I am going a little nutty to get outside in the sunshine.  Well, yesterday, it was beautiful!!!  A neighbor called and invited us to go to the park, which we thoroughly enjoyed. 
 Unfortunately, today it is blowing snow again, ans so we are back inside.  But, I was able to put the finishing touches on our Table house/Ice cream Shop and it has been so much fun for the boys to play in.  Just what would we do without Pinterest to give us such fun ideas? 
Ice Cream Shop on one side . . .

house on the other. 


Monday, March 5, 2012

Field Trip

I'm sure glad I get to be Tyler's preschool teacher.  This last week, we took a field trip to our local AV Center and Airport.  I guess one of the perks to living in a small town is that our airport security is quite minimal and thus, a field trip there is actually possible. 
These days, Greyson wants to be a part of preschool too.  Here he is, ready to go
with his backpack on. 

So, as for our field trip, we were able to board a small plane inside the AV Center.  One of the flight instructors took us through it.  The kids were able to sit in the seats and look out the windows.  This particular plane is used to fly celebreties and such, as well as those who book it for private family vacations.  (Yea, I thought, "Seriously???")

Next, we checked out the helicopter that is used when students are learning to fly helicopters.  Each child had a turn siting in the pilot seat.  Tyler told me before we left on the field trip that we "were going to see a helicopter blast off!"  so he was pretty excited to get to sit in this one, even though it didn't "blast off". 

We checked out a few more private planes  This one was worth $600,000.  It reminded me of the planes I'd see in one area in my mission in Chicago.  There was a landing strip behind the homes in this particular neighborhood and each home had its own private hanger to park the airplane in.  I remember laughing at the sign posts that read "CAUTION! Low flying aircraft" rather than "Children at play". 

After checking out the planes, we took a quick visit to the classroom where future pilot take classes.  That was interesting.  We were able to see one small airplane take off as we headed over the airport, where we saw the air terminal and baggage claim.  It was pretty fun!  I count myself so lucky to be the teacher of these little kiddos.  I have grown to love each one and I'm so glad they are in my class. 

One more quick picture . . .
This is how we found Greyson Sunday afternoon.  Our church time goes right through his nap, and usually I just lay him down when we got home.  But yesterday, we didn't get home until around 3pm because of some changes in my responsibilities at church (more on that later) and so I decided that I would just let him be awake and get him to bed early.  Obviously, it didn't work-he was just too tired to make it any longer.  I looked up at about 3:30 and found him snoozing at the counter.  Poor guy! 

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