Thursday, July 21, 2011

Groundhog Day

Oh the busyness of summer!  I always look forward to this time of year (summer) thinking it will be so nice to have calm summer days with no committments.  I do wish that described our days, but summer instead seems to be so busy!  I asked my sister-in-law the other day how her summer was going.  She responded, "It feels like Groundhog Day."  You remember that movie, starring Bill Murray, where he wakes up each day and literally has an exact repeat of the day before, and it keeps going on, and going on, and going on.  Well, I have to agree with my sis. that this summer does feel a bit like that.  My kids seem to have lost their interest in our "summer plan" and the newness of summer and our summer store have also worn off.  We've done a few projects, but we've also taken it a little easy this week.  I need to revamp my plan so that it feels new again.  We did do these . . .

They're called String and Paint pictures.  Basically, you use varying sizes and styles of string or yarn, dip them in paint, and pull them through two sheets of paper to make a design.  Here are ours in the process . . .

 . . . and were finished.  They are fun and turn out different every time. 

I can't help feeling myself looking forward to more structured, organized days once school starts again, and yet, I know then that I'll wish again for these more relaxed summer days.  I guess the secret is to learn to enjoy each moment, knowing that they'll each have joys and frustrations, just like each stage of our lives.

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