Monday, March 5, 2012

Field Trip

I'm sure glad I get to be Tyler's preschool teacher.  This last week, we took a field trip to our local AV Center and Airport.  I guess one of the perks to living in a small town is that our airport security is quite minimal and thus, a field trip there is actually possible. 
These days, Greyson wants to be a part of preschool too.  Here he is, ready to go
with his backpack on. 

So, as for our field trip, we were able to board a small plane inside the AV Center.  One of the flight instructors took us through it.  The kids were able to sit in the seats and look out the windows.  This particular plane is used to fly celebreties and such, as well as those who book it for private family vacations.  (Yea, I thought, "Seriously???")

Next, we checked out the helicopter that is used when students are learning to fly helicopters.  Each child had a turn siting in the pilot seat.  Tyler told me before we left on the field trip that we "were going to see a helicopter blast off!"  so he was pretty excited to get to sit in this one, even though it didn't "blast off". 

We checked out a few more private planes  This one was worth $600,000.  It reminded me of the planes I'd see in one area in my mission in Chicago.  There was a landing strip behind the homes in this particular neighborhood and each home had its own private hanger to park the airplane in.  I remember laughing at the sign posts that read "CAUTION! Low flying aircraft" rather than "Children at play". 

After checking out the planes, we took a quick visit to the classroom where future pilot take classes.  That was interesting.  We were able to see one small airplane take off as we headed over the airport, where we saw the air terminal and baggage claim.  It was pretty fun!  I count myself so lucky to be the teacher of these little kiddos.  I have grown to love each one and I'm so glad they are in my class. 

One more quick picture . . .
This is how we found Greyson Sunday afternoon.  Our church time goes right through his nap, and usually I just lay him down when we got home.  But yesterday, we didn't get home until around 3pm because of some changes in my responsibilities at church (more on that later) and so I decided that I would just let him be awake and get him to bed early.  Obviously, it didn't work-he was just too tired to make it any longer.  I looked up at about 3:30 and found him snoozing at the counter.  Poor guy! 

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