Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chad's 7th

Clear back last month, Chad celebrated a birthday.  I don't know who was behind the camera because there were nearly no pictures taken to capture the moment, but I still need to document it, nonetheless.

Chad turned 7 this year.  I feel like I'm entering a different stage of parenting now, and 7 really doesn't sound so little anymore.  The truth is, it isn't all that little-Chad is one of my best helpers.  He is capable of doing so much and I really love that he can help with and entertain his brothers (not that he is always willing to do it when I need him to). Chad's current love is Hot Wheels cars, which he received a handful of as gifts.  His cousin also gave him a pair of Rollerblades, which I think he practically lived in for the first two weeks. 
 For Chad's cake, he wanted a "Bounce on 2" cake (a game he plays on the ipad).  Thankfully, Dave did the decorating with Chad's help, and I think it is the most simple and fast cake decorating we've ever had for a birthday!  He was pleased a punch with how it turned out! 
So, Happy Birthday, to my oldest.  Seven years ago, I became a mom for the first time, and even with all of the ups and downs and struggles, I wouldn't change a thing.  Love you, Chad. 

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