Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mothers matter

We all know that mothers matter, but it is so easy to hear the voice of the world that to really make a difference, one must have a career, earn an income, and be successful in the way that the world defines success. At the end of a normal day of mothering, I often ask myself , "What did I accomplish today?" I find myself saying to my husband, "I didn't get anything done today." I usually feel this way because anything I did around the house has been undone, the meal I made has been consumed, and there is nothing to show for the time I spend playing with, clothing, feeding, reading to, and otherwise entertaining children. I know that those things are so important, but still, it is so easy to become distracted with outside endeavors. I recently found a quote that said, "Satan has found a willing partner in the world to blind us and distract us with so many other 'wordly endeavors' that we forget that motherhood is the most worthwile venture of all." -Jane Clayson Johnson
Isn't that the truth!!!

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