Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It Takes a Village

Today seems to be one of those days where being a mom seems overwhelming. It seems that everything I need to do requires the help of someone else. The thought of getting my teeth cleaned with 2 kids in the room and an infant on my chest seems a little much, but it describes my life exactly. Runing to the grocery store with 3 kids, or immunizations for one child while the other two watch. It's the everyday things that seem so impossible. To be honest, the minute I sat down to start writing this, my 3-year-old called me from the bathroom with poo in his underwear.Ahhhhh! I have yet to figure out the balancing act. And to add to it all, Dave and I desperatly need to spend quality one on one time together, but leaving a breastfeeding infant and 2 other children with a teenage babysitter sounds, to be honest, scary.
I happened to express several of these thoughts to a friend of mine over the Christmas holiday and she had some profound words for me. "Telena," she said, "it takes a village." That was it. So simple, and yet it served as a gentle reminder of the fact that raising children is something that takes many hands. I can't do it alone (which is my tendency) and I must stop feeling guilty for asking others to help. So, when it all seems to be more than you can bear, remember, "it takes a village."


  1. Telena,
    I want u 2 know I am priveleged to call you my cousin. I throughly admire the way you have with kids. Both your own and others. You have given your heart & soul 2 strengthen your family.

  2. And remember, while it takes a village, the grass grows back.
    Xo xo

  3. I struggle with the same thing, but always feel better when I take some alone time with my hubby. Date night is awesome and the kids will survive.


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