Friday, January 6, 2012


Every year, I struggle with what to do with the gingerbread houses once the holiday has passed.  No one seems to eat them, but it is hard to just throw away all that hard work.  When I was in college years ago, my roommates and I lit them on fire and burned them down (way cool to watch the candy canes melt!-but I suggest burning it outside, as the flames got really big, and according to Dave, almost caught our apartment on fire). 

This year, my boys made that decision really easy for me, as one afternoon, they took to destroying them all on their own. 

They seemed pretty happy about it and so I let them have at it.  Greyson ran around trying to devour whatever candy fell on the ground, and when they were done, they threw the remains in the garbage. 

 No worrying about what to do with them this year.  Maybe this demolition will have to become a new tradition!

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