Friday, January 27, 2012

Snowman Party

Each year in January, we have a snowman party.  Dave's mom started the tradition several years ago, and although it evolves and changes each year, it is something we look forward to.  Although his family lives 3 hours away, we all choose a day and time and do this party "together".  This year, we have no snow.  So, we set the table with snow fleece blankets, snowman napkins and snow (angel food cake and white cotton candy and cool whip-to be eaten later). 
 I just had to include these next two pictures of Greyson.  As soon as he saw me with the camera taking pictures of our party, he started posing for me.  They were just so cute and so him. 

 Each year, we watch this (below) movie.  And this year, we added a spiritual twist, and shared a few scriptures that mention snow.  The spiritual part was a lot deeper than that, but after my last SUPER long post, I thought I'd keep this one brief. 

 Dave's mom sent up a fleece blanket for each of us to use while we watched the movie.  Greyson snuggled his the minute he saw it! 
 Watching the movie. 
And finally, we enjoyed our snow treats (all the previously mentioned items with some fruit soup on top).  Yum!  Always fun-and a nice break up of the routine.  Thanks Joan (Dave's mom) for putting it all together and inviting us to do it with you. 

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