Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day & 100th Day of School

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Valentine's Day guru.  It's not that I don't like Valentine's day, but I think it is silly that so many people save their affection for this day only.  Why do we need a holiday to tell our loved ones that we love them?  And why do we have to spend money in order to show our love?  None the less, I try to make this day special for my kiddos and my hubby. 

Dave and I talk ahead of time and always agree on not spending a bunch of money.  I think that by talking this through ahead of time, we know what the expectations are, for ourselves and each other. That way, there are no disappointments.  I told Dave he could spend $5 on me (he bought me one gerber daisy-my favorite flower.  Perfect!)  I don't want to feel forgotten, but it doesn't take much to show your love.  I gave Dave some Rolo dynamite I saw on Pineterest-Rolos are one of his favorite candies (then again, what candy isn't Dave's favorite?)

For breakfast, I made heart-shaped waffles with pink-Orange Julius.  Sadly, Chad woke up at 6am throwing up, so he never even got to enjoy any of it.  He was so worried about missing his class party.  I emailed his teacher to check on what time they would start, and he luckily, he was keeping food down by then and was able to go. 

I remember Valentine's day as a kid being a BIG deal!  And I remember LOVING going through each of those Valentine's I'd get from all of my friends at school.  Sure enough, that was the first thing Chad did when he got home from school-go through each card.  I'm sure glad he was able to go. 

I have to do a quick write up on 100's day because my littler boys were so cute.  The schools all make a HUGE deal out of the 100th day of school, and one of the things Chad's class did was have a 100's snack.  Each child brought 100 of one item to school to share and then got to share and enjoy the snack.  Chad brought home a gallon Ziploc bag with what was left of his treat, and both Greyson and Tyler were so jealous.  Greyson promptly went to the drawer where I keep my baggies, pulled on out and said, "treat, treat." 
This is he and Tyler eating their "100's day" treat.  Once I gave Greyson his bag full of marshmallows and Nilla wafers, he went and got a book of him as a baby and sat to read it while he enjoyed his snack.  So cute! 

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