Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dave's Birthday!

Dave had a birthday a few weeks ago.  Birthdays are different when you have had more of them than you can remember.  Still, we try around here to make them special.  They boys each chose a gift they wanted to give to daddy and we went and shopped for them together.  Chad chose to give him an antenna for his car (he has not had radio due to the lack of an antenna since he got the car nearly 18 months ago) and Tyler got him a book.  It was cute to see how much ownership they each had for the gift they had chosen.  Tyler carried that book out of the store like it was a treasure box! 

In addition, the boys and I made Dave a candy bar bouquet.  Dave is a candy connoisseur and his boys are following closely in his footsteps.  Chad kept asking if we were going to have any extra candies.  I had to remind him that we had bought them just for daddy and we had just enough. 
 This is how it turned out.  We set it on the table for him first thing on his birthday.  The day itself was pretty low key-we had church and Dave had meetings beforehand.  But, we had a little get together afterward with my parents and my brother and his family.  It's always fun to get together. 
 Tyler LOVED helping dad open each of his gifts.  This is the box with Tyler's book in it.  He was pretty excited for dad to see it. 
 And my mom made him a homemade loaf of white bread. 
Dave rarely has a traditional cake, and this year was no different.  He asked for a raspberry cheesecake, which I would pick over a cake, any day!  

I'm sure lucky to have such a wonderful hubby!  He is such a hard worker and a great dad. 
Happy Birthday Dave!  I love you! 

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