Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Moments

Summer is well under way around here.  In fact, we're nearly a month into it.  That scares me a little, because I want so badly to relish every moment and linger here a little longer. 
Chad and Tyler worked together this summer to earn a "big ticket item" from our Summer Store.  Last year, I think Tyler spent each ticket as he earned it.  It has been fun to watch them work together to achieve a common goal.  They earned 100 tickets to earn this Wii game.  Then, we found out, it is only a one player game.  Ah, well, they have done pretty well taking turns. 

As my children think that going to the park each day  is dire to their survival, Greyson has been indulging in his favorite activity-swinging.  I think this boy could spend his entire day going "higher" and "higher".  It is a battle every time I have to get him out, but he sure is happy when he's swinging. 
Chad was blessed by the generosity of his cousin and he was given a new bike.  His has been getting too small for his current bike, but the 20" bikes were too big.  When my nephew earned a new bike at school for perfect attendance, Chad got this awesome bike passed down to him.  He is so excited and we feel so blessed to have family so giving. 


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