Friday, August 19, 2011


I high school, I was a runner.  I ran track and I loved it.  Fast forward to now . . . until 6 months ago, I hadn't run a mile in the last 14 years.  Okay, that may be a bit of an overstatement.  I did remember running a bit in college, but I never got good at it and I never got to where I enjoyed it. 

Six months ago, at my Weight Watchers meeting, I was told about their 5-K challenge, where members meet on a certain day to do a 5-K.  Most members walk, which I knew would not be a "challenge" for me, and since it was supposed to be a "challenge," I decided I would run it.  I think what really motivated me was that we were each given a training schedule.  I had never thought about how to work up to running 3 miles at once.  I remember even once telling my husband that I bet I could run a 5-K with no training.  The next morning, I ran down to the church (10 houses away) and I realized that I was SO wrong!  This training schedule was just what I needed to help me break it down in to daily goals. 

Running has become a thing I do just for me.  At first, it was miserable.  It was still winter, and I found it very difficult to schedule in my running around my nursing baby and two other kids.  Plus, my hubby works two jobs, and that meant I had to be creative about getting my runs in.  It's funny to think back to those early days, and how I thought I'd never get any better.  I have found that running is a bit of an attitude, and if it is something you value, you will make the time for it.  I now get up and run before my hubby goes to work on most days.  (That may be a bit more challenging when school starts in a few weeks, but I'll cross that bridge then.) 

So I ran my first 5-K back in April.  My second in May.  Neither had quite the finish I had imagined.  But it feels good to push your body and mind to do something challenging. 
 In July, two of my friends signed up to run this race with me.  This was my most official race yet, and it met my standards.  I felt good about my performance.  I think that is one thing I love about running.  It is something I can do and work at and improve in.  It is something that, unlike much of what I do as a mom, stays done once I do it.  When I run, I have an amazing feeling of accomplishment. 
 I got done first so I was able to snap these picts of my running buddies.  I'm sure they love me for it.

And here we are at the end.  Running is such an interesting sport.  It is one where you are running with others, but (at least for me) competing against yourself.  And all I gotta do when I'm feeling a lack of motivation to get out the door and run is sign up for another race.  I encourage anyone to try it. 


  1. I want to....but I'm SOO scared! I've thought a lot about it...I just need to do it. Maybe you could lend me your training schedule and let me know about the next race. I think I can...I think I can...

  2. Emily, I know you could do it. I'll send you my training schedule. Besides, i think it is harder to think about running than actually doing it.


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