Monday, August 29, 2011

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Hall

We had a fun visit from Dave's parents this last week. They were headed to Nebraska where his mom is from and they stopped to stay with us for a few days on their way there and back. We always love their visits. The boys are so excited to have someone to "play"with. The truth is, Joan (Dave's mom) is incredibly creative! She always has these great ideas and brings with her fun projects or crafts to do with the boys. This time, she brought a darling book about a farm (because she grew up on a farm and was headed back to the farm for a visit).
 After grandpa read the book, the boys got to create a farm picture out of the sticky, foam cut-outs. They LOVED it! Then we drank chocolate milk (cause it comes from cows-well, at least the milk part does) and then later that night, we had Skinny "cow" ice cream sandwiches. There is always a theme. I could never think of that many things to go along with my theme.  Like I said, Joan is so creative.

On the way back through, they brought pictures of bears they had learned about while back in Nebraska. They shared the stories with the boys and then made bear paw cookies. The boys always remember these visits and the fun they have with Grandma and Grandpa Hall. The great part of having them come to our house is that there are no cousins to distract our boys from the grandparent time. When we go to visit them, our boys play non-stop with cousins and don't get the bonding with grandparents. It's so fun to have these visits. I'm sure grateful for wonderful parents on both sides. Dave and I are sure blessed.

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