Friday, September 9, 2011

Remembering Summer

Even though it was just a few weeks ago, it feels like summer ended years ago.  There was so much that I never got around to posting.  I just had to share a few more. 

 This seems to be how I find my kitchen quite often these days.  About a year ago, I got so tired of lifting my kids onto my kitchen counter so that they could reach the cereal to pick their kind that I moved all the cereal to the bottom shelf in my pantry.  Up until now, I thought it was a wise move.  These days, Greyson is so mobile and whether he just ate or not, he automatically wanders over to the pantry and pulls out a box of cereal.  I thought it was so darling that my other two boys had joined him in his munching. 
 This is on a camping trip earlier this summer.  We have a campground that we love which is just about 25 minutes away.  I love that we can go on a day after work and still enjoy the weekend.  It is well maintained and has a fun little stream running through it for the boys to float boats in.  However, I made the mistake this trip of heading up on my own before Dave got home from work.  I was worried that if we all waited for him to get off before going up together, we would be there too late and our kids would be grumpy and hungry.  So, I brilliantly decided to go up early, get dinner going, let the boys play,etc. and Dave would come up and join us a bit later. 
Never again! 
It was insanity.  To top it off, I brought the dog (a big dog) so I was trying to chase down my older two boys while pushing Greyson in the stroller and holding the dog's leash in one hand as she dragged me down the road.  It was HOT!  And Greyson was miserable without any place for respite from the sun.  Dinner got a little over done.  And needless to say, by the time Dave got there, I was ready to pack up and go home. 
The boys "making ice cream" with their bikes.  I used to do that!  Did you?
 We didn't.  We stayed and had a great time.  I just need to remember that I can't do it all alone.  Next time, we'll wait for Dave. 
One last one . . .  The boys asked me they could do a lemonade stand one day.  I used to love doing lemonade stands as a little girl.  The boys made the signs (well, Tyler traced the letter that I had penciled in) and helped me mix up the lemonade.  We made cookies.  They got it all set up.  I always worry for fear no one will come and they'll feel so sad.  It was slow at first, but these two boys made over $15 at their lemonade sale.  One neighbor gave Chad a $5 bill to buy the whole plate of cookies.  He didn't even know what to do.  He came in and asked if it was alright if she bought the whole plate of cookies.  Then once she left, he came running in to show me the $5 bill.  He was so excited!  They even had to move the table under a tree at one point to avoid the rain (more like sprinkles) but it didn't dampen their spirits.  Lots of fun!

I sure love childhood.  Simple pleasures and wonderful memories.

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