Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Play Doh

Tyler's most favorite things to do is play with play doh.  Chad was always very self entertaining at this age which would allow me to get occasional tasks done.  However, when Tyler came along, he wanted to be constantly entertained.  Puzzles, coloring, even a movie won't hold his attention for long.  But play doh . . . he can play for a good hour.  Given, there is a million little pieces on the floor, and all the colors are mixed, which drives me crazy!  But he loves it!  After lunch the other day, he asked if he could play with play doh and I consented.  He worked quietly for quite a while and then I noticed this . . .
 Do you see it?  It took me a minute but then I got it.  It is an Angry Birds set up.  See the little birds on the left.  Then the boxes and the pigs inside each one.  I smiled at his creativity.  Usually, he just makes cookies for each of us to eat.  This was really thinking outside the box. 
Here he is with his creation.  He's so proud! 

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