Monday, October 10, 2011

A Few Fall Moments

I always anticipate that life will slow down a little with the arrival of fall.  The chaos of summer in contrast to the schedule of school starting makes me believe it will be so.  But fall seems instead to feel just as busy.  There is a garden to be harvested and canning to be done, a house to put back together after those warm summer days.  With Chad in school all day, the two younger boys and I fill our days playing together, with always a few quiet, special moments with just Tyler and I while Greyson sleeps.  A recent afternoon found us picking our first apples off our tree. 
 Here is Tyler doing his part.  We planted this tree 2 years ago and this is our first harvest.  We got about 35 apples off of this scrawny thing. 

 Once we washed them and shined them up, they looked amazing.  Most of them, we turned into applesauce, but a few we enjoyed with some homemade caramel.  We are trying to soak up the last few rays of sunshine before all of the warmth is gone.  Last week, we wore shorts on Monday and it snowed on Thursday (I was in Idaho Falls and they got about 4 inches). 
 Greyson is learning to do just what his brothers do (that is a scary thought, right?).  He found this piece of chalk the other day and took to writing on the driveway, just as he has seen his brothers do. 
He and Tyler wandered out into the sand one warm afternoon to play together before Chad got home from school.  I know they miss him when he's gone, but I love to see the two of them developing a friendship.  Tyler has always played with Chad when given the choice, and now he is being forced to give Greyson a little attention as well.  Oh how I hope their friendship will grow over the next two years before Tyler starts school.  Time seems to be passing so quickly.  I just know those two years will fly by.  And in the mean time, I'm going to savor these precious moments.  

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