Friday, October 7, 2011

General Conference Traditions

This past weekend was General Conference.  A fellow blogger described this event as follows, "[To]members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this is an important weekend that comes twice year. We believe our Church is a modern restoration of Christ's Church, and that includes having prophets and apostles on the earth today -- we believe that our leaders are not just inspired, not just generally good, but that they have the same calling and authority as prophets did anciently. They are not perfect men, but they are men who have the calling to speak for God, and we take that seriously."  (You can read more of her blog HERE.  I really like her stuff.) General conference is where we are able to listen to these prophets and apostles speak to us.  There is actually eight hours of speaking.  I always have such high hopes for what I will glean from it, but little children make it a challenge to hear all that was presented.  I even prepared several games and got out what we needed to build a Lego temple, but none the less, I was not able to hear all that I would have liked.  So, I now look forward to re-reading and listening to the messages again over the next few days, weeks and months. 
One of the traditions we have adopted surrounding conference is to have conference waffles.  Back in college, I was privileged to live with an aunt and uncle in Utah.  Although I was only there for a short four months, I picked up on several traditions they had and I loved.  One was conference waffles.  Each General Conference, they would prepare a meal of waffles and ice cream.  It's amazing!  Trust me.  They serve it with all kinds of toppings.  We stick mostly to fruit and peanut butter, syrup and of course, ice cream.  We eat it on Sunday usually for lunch in between conference sessions. 
This is what the set up looks like. 
Here is the finished product.  They are SO delecious! 

It is something we always look forward to and enjoy only during conference. 

Another tradition I adopted from this same wonderful aunt and uncle is to do a "girls night" during the Priesthood session of conference.  There is a special meeting on Saturday night of General Conference that is specifically for priesthood holders.  (The priesthood is the power to act in God's name.  Boys can receive the priesthood at age 12.)  So, when all of the men head off to this meeting, us girls get together to bond as well.  Sometimes, we do a craft.  Other times, we just chat.    And after the men are finished at their meeting, they head out for some bonding as well (get ice cream, dinner out, etc.).  I just love that this tradition sends a message to our boys that this is a special time and something they can look forward to (rather than dread that they have to go to one more meeting).  True, none of my boys are old enough to attend yet, but they have two older cousins who can now attend, and I know they watch them.  We talk about where daddy is going and how much fun it will be when they are able to attend and what they'll be able to do.  When my boys get old enough, I'd like to have the first priesthood session they attend be at the actual conference center in Salt Lake City where the prophet actually speaks.  I think that would also be a wonderful tradition.  (That one is the brain child of my sister-in-law.) 
I think it is such a blessing to have prophets and apostles on the earth today to speak to us and teach us what the Lord would have us know.  I love surrounding this special event with traditions to make it more memorable. 

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