Monday, October 24, 2011

Fix It Man

This kind of scene used to drive me crazy.  If you can't tell what this is, it is the insides of my washing maching laying in parts all over my kitchen. 
We have had our share of broken appliances over the years we have been married.  It used to be that whenever something new went out, I'd panic.  All I could imagine dollar signs, no doubt telling how much it would cost us. Add to that the time it would require for Dave to get it fixed and the help we'd surely need, and I was fit to be tied.  My own dad has always been very handy.  Growing up, he always fixed what needed fixed.  I knew when I married Dave that he was handy.  He can build anything.  But fixing electrical is a totally different domain.  Dave has been able to be taught at my dad's feet and has now developed this same skill.  I'm so proud to say that Dave can now take our waching maching from this . . .

To this!!!  (That first picture could really worry a person!) 

Now when something breaks, I can be calm, knowing that Dave can fix it and the cost for fixing it will probably not be all that bad.  It's pretty fun to see how excited he gets too at being able to figure things out.  This particular fix was only $30, and the repairs usually take an evening at most.  He has fixed our dryer more times than I want to name, our microwave, and who knows what else.  I guess when you commit to not live on credit, you commit to live life a different way and one of those changes for us is "doing it ourselves".  I'm sure lucky to have such a handy man.  Thanks Dave! 

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