Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break

I realize it's been weeks since Spring Break, but someday, I plan to make this blog into a book so we can remember all the fun we had.  So, for posterity's sake, here is my report on our Spring Break. 

Chad's #1 priority was that we go to Outer Limits (an arcade and jungle gym).  That was his request first thing Monday morning, so we called a few neighbors and cousins, and headed off to "play at the zone".  I only have a few pictures of us eating lunch . . .

and the boys playing in the jungle gym, but I thin it was all that Chad had hoped for.  We called and invited Dave to come and join us for lunch which was fun.  What I wish I had pictures of were Greyson laying in the middle of the floor with his blanket in hand and his thumb in his mouth because he was SO stinkin tired! 

If there's one thing I need to remember, it's that Chad remembers what I tell him about our "plan", whether for Spring Break or a vacation, or even just the weekend, he holds me to it!  He made sure that we bought marshmallows so they could make marshmallow animals. 

Let's just say that their creations were "unique".  It was actually harder than it looked to make marshmallows into animals.  They made "fire pits" and "blobs" and things.  And Greyson ate as many marshmallows as his little mouth could hold at one time. 
See, that looks like an elephant, right? 
I'll confess that we didn't do all that we had planned, but we sure created some fun.  I have been less than 100% lately (that's for another post) and so we did what we could.  On Friday, we invited some friends and neighbors over for a "big screen movie" matinee.  We had concessions that the kids bought with "tickets" and we watched Hugo.  Interesting show, but it was super long and most of the kids Chad's age had a hard time staying interested.  Needless to say, but the time it ended, I was ready!  But, I'll know for next time, right?! 

It's been nearly a month since all these memories, and Chad asks me often how long until summer.  Six more weeks, to be exact.  I am looking forward to that time to relax, enjoy, play, camp and otherwise, just enjoy my family. 

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