Thursday, April 26, 2012


Wow!  It's always while looking back that I seem to notice how quickly time flies.  I just can't believe it's been two years since Greyson looked like this . . .
Now, he's so grown up with such a fun and silly personality.  When he saw me get out the camera, he immediately went and sat on the ground to "pose" for me.  I love so many things about this little man.  First, he is so sweet.  Every night, he will still have "cozy time" with me as we read stories and cuddle up as part of his bedtime routine.  I love that he is SO committed to his routine.  Same things every morning and every night.  I love that he can understand seriously EVERYTHING!  He will get his shoes when I ask him, put his clothes in the dirty basket, pick out his clothes, get his own snacks.  He even stands at the potty with his shirt lifted to "go potty" when his brothers do.  He is so excited and so animated about everything. If he's excited, you're gonna know!  He is super silly, and best of all, he knows when he is being funny.  Oh, this kid makes my heart smile! 

I loved this super simple birthday cake.  Oh how I wish all of our cakes were this quick to assemble.  Little did I know what I was taking on when I began that tradition of making fun cakes back when Chad was 2. 
 We had a few presents.  Greyson could play his life away in the sand box and he LOVES dump trucks, so these little sand trucks were perfect. 
My mom also sent over some "pops" for him to step on (like packing bubble wrap).  They covered our kitchen floor for a few days and each time Greyson would walk by them, he'd jump and pop a few.  These are always a hit.  (Sometimes, the FREE presents are more fun than those we pay for.) 
 And here is the birthday boy with daddy.  He knew just what to do when the "Happy Birthday" song ended, and he got those candles out in one blow.  What a sweetie!  I'm sure glad I get to have this little guy in my life.  Happy Birthday Greyser man! 

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