Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Young Women Activity

 I love that I get to work with these wonderful Young Women!  Last week, we had a class activity, and I wanted to share our fun project.  

Since our theme for the month was on Individual Worth, I got to looking through the personal progress book for ideas.  I came across goal 7 under Individual Worth and thought it could be a really fun activity.  The goal lists several scriptures to read, and then asks the young woman to have a friend, family member and Young Women leader each write positive qualities the Lord has given to her.  

So, I took an idea off of Pinterest found HERE, where each person writes these positive qualities on a white board, and then the young woman stands in front of it and we take a picture.  Here's one example of how ours turned out. 

I really wanted the focus of this activity to be on the girls thinking of and writing these positive qualities, rather than on the crafty part to come later, so I asked them to really think of each girl as they wrote about her and be sincere and thoughtful in her comments.  They did a great job!  I felt that each girl's comments totally reflected her.  

The rest of our activity was assembling these little boards to put our pictures on.  I have a similar board in my home with a family picture on it and a totally different saying, but the idea was the same.  We Modge Podged the words on, and then taped the picture in place.  I cut, sanded and stained the boards ahead of time to again, keep the focus on the qualities we were listing, rather than the craft. 
I thought they turned out so cute!  And I hope these girls will display them and remember, above all, that they really are of Infinite Worth, with a very unique and divine mission. 

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