Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

To me, it feels like summer ended months ago, but I so wanted to post about our last summer trip with my family to Bear Lake.  We started this tradition several years ago, and it has become the trip my boys look forward to most each year.  We all stay at the KOA in Garden City Utah, which is arguably not real camping, but it is such a nice facility.  It's like camping in your backyard, with showers, flush toilets, a swimming pool and lots and lots of activities for the kids.  That's what I love most!  I love that my boys can head over to the playground or the jumping pillow and just play.  We take our bikes and ride through the city.  We did hit the beach on two days.  The lake was very high again this year and so the North beach was the only place with any real beach, and my boys had a BLAST! 

 They sure love playing in the water with Grandpa.  It's such a great beach because the boys can walk out for what seems like miles and still, the water comes just to their knees or chest.  I loved watching Greyson as he toddled out into the water, "Deeper!  Deeper!"  He sure enjoyed his sense of independence in that water. 

My boys played their hearts out in the sand.  The second day we went, a few cousins joined us and they brought much cooler toys than we had the day before.  It's amazing what having a boat to drive in the water can to for your fun! 

 Greyson, of course, was right in there with everyone else.  He just wants to be big and play with the big boys. 

 Tyler built quite the sand pile and had a lot of fun burying things in it.  It was just so enjoyable and many memories were made.  I know my boys are already looking forward to this trip next year. 
On the way home, we stopped in Soda Springs, Idaho at a park for a quick lunch.  We stop at this park each year on the way home, and I have a picture of my boys and Dave on this dino each year.  First, just Dave and Chad, then Tyler joined the ranks, and now w have filled the dinosaurs back to capacity.  Not sure where our newest little addition will go in the picture next year.  Here's to summer! 

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