Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Break

It has been nearly a month since our spring break.  That seems to be how on top of things I am lately-about a month behind.  
We had a mini spring break plan to help us fill our time without getting bored.  The boys and I made it together and we hung it on the fridge.  I had no idea that Chad would hold me so tightly to it.  Each night, he would look at the list and tell me, "We didn't do that, or that or that."  Sigh.  But we did our best to get in some fun. 

We did sucker making one day.  The boys seem to enjoy the making of the suckers much more than the eating of the suckers, as a month later, we still have homemade suckers hanging around. 
Chad also got into drawing fruit, for some reason.  He made a whole book of fruit drawings. 
On one warm afternoon, we had a campout in our front yard.  We set up our small play tent and even had a pretend campfire where we "roasted" marshmallows. 
Toward the end of the week, we had cousins come to stay.  OF course, snow cones were a must, and we enjoyed them until we couldn't muster the cold any longer.

And of course, there was Easter, that landed right at the end of our spring break fun.

We had fun hunting for eggs and dying others.  Spring break always reminds me how much I look forward to summer, with so much more time and less demands upon it.  Simultaneously, it reminds me of how much work summer really is, finding fun to keep everyone busy.  But, now we are back in the routine of school, soccer and so much more, and again, I find myself longing again for a nice spring break to soak it all in again. 

The kiddos are growing so fast!  Jenna has so much personality now, and just lights up any room.  Greyson just turned 3 (I'll post about that later-probably in a month).  Tyler is registered for kindergarten, and Chad has lost 3 teeth.  I have so much more I need to get up on here so that I can stamp the memories permanently in my mind.  Happy Spring!  

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