Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Vacation

We had our annual get together with Dave's family this past weekend.  Each year, we go someplace new.  Last year it was Driggs, Idaho.  This year-Treasure Valley, Idaho, about an hour past Boise.  Dave's sister found a wonderful condo there, surrounded with trees.  It was like a large and endless playground.  My boys could build forts for hours on end.  This year, Joan-Dave's mom, brought tarps to tie up and use as a roof for the forts. 
 We enjoyed taking several hikes together and searching for nature treasures. 

 Tyler and Chad each found a 4-leaf clover.  That might have been the highlight of the trip for the two of them.   
There was also a hot spring heated pool that the boys enjoyed at length.  They LOVE swimming and are always sad when its time to get out of the pool.

When we returned to Boise, we took a field trip to the aquarium.  This aquarium was unlike any I have been to before.  Many of the tanks had open tops and the children were invited to reach in and touch the fish, or rays, or yes-even sharks.  It's worth the trip if you're in the Boise area. 

 We also had the chance to introduce Jenna to great grandma Hall and Dave's aunt Debbie for the first time. Somehow, we've missed seeing them on each of our other trips to Boise since she was born. 

 Not the best picture, but a four generation picture none the less. 

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