Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lemonade Sale

My kids think lemonade sales are about the best thing on earth.  Chad asked me every day last week if he could have one.  But, the weather was cold and I knew it would be a waste of his time. 
Today, it was beautiful, and he knew it by looking at the weather app last week.  He started planning clear back then.  Then, on Saturday, his cousin offered him a chance to buy his DSi.  Chad has been wanting one, and I keep telling him no.  I am not real excited at the prospect of another screen device in my home.  We visited with Chad about our concerns, and laid down some laws.  Then, we told him that he would have to come up with the money to buy it himself, and that he could not borrow from us as that would be going into debt, which we don't do (except in a rare emergency, which this is NOT!).  
Now, Chad was not just excited to have the sale, but to earn the money he needed at the same time.  I made it a little tough for him, as I was trying to teach him a few things in the process.  I made him use his own money beforehand to buy the product he was going to sell.  That cost him $4.75 for kool-aid packets, frosting and sprinkles for cookies and cups.  I donated the sugar cookies and sugar.  Luckily, we live on a good corner for these types of things, and he earned back his original investment and what he needed to buy his new toy, plus a little extra. 

I apologize to my neighbors, as I'm sure this becomes quite annoying at times.  My kids have become quite the salesmen, even being known to go to each door to advertise that there is a lemonade and cookie sale just down the road.  Nonetheless, here's to many more of these this summer. 

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