Monday, June 27, 2011

My Weekend

 One of the advantages of living in a small town is that our airport still has limited security.  For our field trip on Friday, I took the boys to our local airport to see a plane land and take off.  You can look up the arrival and departure times on your airport website.  We just missed the plane landing, but we did get to see the passengers get off and watch from above as the workers removed the baggage.  Then, we raced to the baggage claim to see the bags come down and circle around.  Our airport has only one terminal and one baggage claim, so that makes it pretty simple. 

 This is the boys standing above on the viewing deck.  They loved riding the glass front elevator up and down to get to the viewing deck.  (Sorry for the amazing picts.  The boys were too busy looking out the windows at the planes too look at me.) 
 This is the airplane we saw take off.  We actually watched three of them, but I'll spare you the other picts. 
 Then we made a brief visit to the Japanese Gardens just outside our airport before heading to the car.  The gardens have lots of fun trails to walk on and hills to climb, which was super fun for the boys. 
 In all, it was a pretty successful field trip.

So on Friday night, we wanted to go camping.  I LOVE camping, but the honest truth is that if I am not going for more than one night, it is way too much work.  Due to other commitments we had on Sunday, neither Dave nor I could be gone, so we had just Friday night to camp out.  So . . . we set up camp in our back yard.  We called it Camp Hallea. 

 Dave is always the fire builder.  We placed some cement pavers in the sand box and built the fire on them. 

 It served the purpose.  Of course, we had to roast marshmallows,
and this guy-Seriously!  This is one of those GIANT marshmallows that is seriously 4 times the size of a normal one.  He ate the whole thing! 

 And here was our campsite. 
So the advantage of this kind of camping is that there is no packing involved.  Greyson got to sleep in his own bed.  (That is SO worth it!)  Indoor plumbing.  If we forgot anything, it wasn't far to go and get it.  No checkout time.  It's Free! 
We'll get up in the mountains here pretty soon, but for now, this was pretty fun.

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