Friday, June 17, 2011

Report on Summer Plan

I have been working on my summer plan.  You can read about it here.  As the summer has progressed, I have realized the need for some major flexibility regarding our daily activity.  Initially, I had intended to have our activity each day before lunch; that way, we would have the afternoon free to play with friends, work around the house, etc.  Well, I have discovered that I need a little more flexibility in my day than that.  So, we just fit in our activities when we can.  Basically, we are just flying by the seat of our pants around here.  Here is a recap on the last few weeks since we started. 

Our local library had a display of stuffed animals the boys enjoyed seeing.  They could even touch them.  This was in place of our story time for Thinking Thursday. 

Just couldn't resist putting this picture in.  Greyson was feeding himself spaghetti. 

These were our second Monday craft project.  The boys made these for Father's day.  I used Plaster of Paris and just some metal molds, marbles, and whatever else I had around the house.  The plaster was less than $5 and dried super fast.  It worked great!
We also made suckers which my boys sold at our yard sale.  Chad made $8 selling suckers!  I taught them how to make popcorn with an air popper.  I tried to convince them that that was the real way to make it, but they wholeheartedly disagreed, since the only poprorn they have ever had was made in the microwave.    Finally, we have spent a significant amount of time running in the sprinklers and sliding on the slip and slide.  My activities are usually at our home, free (or very cheep) and we just fit them into our day as we can. 

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