Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I read a post a while back of another mother talking about homework.  She said that homework is one of her favorite ways to spend time with her children.  When I read that, I honestly thought, "I have got to be doing something wrong!"  I'll be honest, I hate homework time.  It seems like a whole lot of busy work mixed with some major whining, all while I try to keep my younger two kiddos occupied so I can supervise the one doing the homework.  If I sit down to read with Chad, Greyson bawls that I'm not reading his book.  Ahhh!  Anyone else feel like this?  From a teachers standpoint, it makes me feel a little bad for having ever assigned homework back in the day.  How can anyone "love" this time with their children? 
Well, several weeks ago, I thought I'd put a little spin on our homework routine.  I happened to remember that I had kept all of Chad's unfinished worksheets from kindergarten.  I pulled them out and sure enough, Tyler can manage them.  So, while Chad does his worksheets, Tyler gets to do his own "homework".  Truthfully, Chad is much more into what Tyler is doing, and is pretty excited that Tyler can do homework, that he forgets to whine at all. 

It has actually become something I do look forward to.  As for the reading, we're still working on that, but I think we're making progress. 

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