Monday, December 19, 2011


We have been spending a lot of time around our house lately doing this . . .
We bought these little trains when Chad was small, and they were his FAVORITE toys.  Now, Greyson has discovered them and he and Tyler have been building many tracks to chug on.  It is so cute to hear Greyson making the "chug, chug, chug" sound as he pushes the cars. 
I mentioned back HERE about our new favorite activity.  If you still have not checked it out, click HERE.  During the month of December, Lowes does a three-part train for their build-and-grow.  The first week was the caboose, then the coal car the next week, and the engine was this last Saturday.  My older boys have been more excited to go and build their engine than they are for Christmas.  So Saturday morning, we headed out for a "train" day.  We first build the engine (see below). 

When we got to Lowes and saw the line, I was worried we would not get a kit.  Thank goodness they had planned well and did not run out. 

After Lowes, we headed over to our local train station where during December, they have an open house each Saturday where we can go and see the model railroads.  So cool!  Outside, we stood by a real engine, and then we headed inside to see the models. 

They really are quite amazing!  They are always changing things, so there is usually some part of the display under construction, but it is so cool to see.  There are N-scale trains, HO-scale and then a whole wall of bigger trains (not sure what scale).  The boys loved watching them go and checking out the mini city that has been built around them.  (FYI-it's free!)

It was even complete with a Polar Express train.  That was our train day.  And then the boys spent the remainder of the day playing with their new, complete, train. 

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