Monday, December 12, 2011


I have only one wonderful sister, and two equally as wonderful sister-in-laws.  I think of them all as my sisters.  Today, we got together to do a cookie exchange.  In past years, we have exchanged family names for gifts, but there have been years where finances have made it difficult for one family or another do participate, so this year, we opted to bag the gift exchange, and just let our gift be spending time together.  At the last minute, my sis-in-law Ann had another commitment come up, but we called and conferenced her in for a few minutes.  We each brought 5 dozen cookies, already baked and ready to go.  Then we each got one dozen of each of the five varieties.  In the end, we each had 5 dozen cookies in 5 varieties.  Lots of fun, and now we have our neighbor gifts ready to go. 
My sister in law, Beverly, my mom, and my sister Karlee with her daughter.

Beverly, Me, and Karlee
Besides exchanging cookies, we visited and enjoyed lunch together.  Always fun to get together.  We did this during school hours so it was a little less chaotic, and a lot less coordinating.  Thanks Karlee for putting this all together. 

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